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Country's slogan says it all: "Croatia-Mediterranean as it once was...". This beautiful unspoilt Mediterranean destination offers an abundance of coastal and island towns with rich cultural heritage set in crystal clean waters of Adriatic. Sail away with us, let us show you the Mediterranean Pearls ...

Nature park Vransko jezero


As one of the rare almost virgin natural habitats of water birds, with springs of drinking water and the area of rich phenomena and bio-varieties Lake of Vrana with the surroundings was pronounced Nature Park on July 21, 1999. The park boundary stretches between Pirovac and Pakostan. The park has the surface of 57 km2, and the greatest part of 30,2 km2 belongs to Lake of Vrana, which lies in the direction northwest-southeast and stretching in line with the seacoast, which is sometimes less than a kilometer away.

Birds inhabit the whole area of the Park and not only the reserve. In the Park’s reed bird lovers can go through an unforgettable experience watching bird life from their hide-out, as well as nesting and taking care of their chicks. Lake of Vrana is a “hot spot”, i.e. the area of great variety of ornithological fauna. So far 224 bird species have been recorded, out which 102 species nest in the Park area. Among nesting birds there are four endangered (risk) species in terms of Europe and seven species that are endangered in Croatia. For some of these birds Nature Park Lake of Vrana is the only nesting place in the Mediterranean part of Croatia.

In addition to "Bird Watchers" sports fisherman shall also find this a place for quality vacation and relaxation. They can fish on the lake and its shores for almost the entire year. Bicyclists and walkers shall undergo a unique experience on our 30 km long cycling path around the lake. The path goes through gazebos and places that assume a wonderful set of colors with irresistible aromatic smells of wild plants and especially attractive smell of medicinal sage. A part of the path offers a shelter in the crisp air of a pine-tree forest next to the lake.