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Protected areas
Country's slogan says it all: "Croatia-Mediterranean as it once was...". This beautiful unspoilt Mediterranean destination offers an abundance of coastal and island towns with rich cultural heritage set in crystal clean waters of Adriatic. Sail away with us, let us show you the Mediterranean Pearls ...

National park Krka


In waterless crass there is a special phenomenon, river Krka. 72 km long river has found its way through thirsty ground creating a carpet of algae. Part of this river and area are proclaimed national park for its enormous natural, scientific and cultural value in 1985.

River Krka attracts with unique beauty of its great canyon and cascades, beauty of its spring, marvelous plaster creations, waterfalls and lakes, green valleys and woods. Man gave his contribution to the value of the river by building sacral monuments and monasteries, forts and power plants leaving monuments of cultural, historical and ethnographic value in the landscape.

Beside many smaller cascades Krka also has eight bigger waterfalls; two of them are the most beautiful - Roski slap and Skradinski buk, in the national park. Both are very attractive for visitors and nature admirers for its beauty and magnificent landscapes.

Visitors of national park have a possibility to experience unique beauty of nature and plenty cultural monuments in a couple of hours of boat trip on Visovacko jezero Lake.

Visovacko jezero is a lake on river Krka in the centre of national park and has a small island with Franciscan monastery. It was built in 1445. Rich cultural and historical heritage of the convent is exposed in the museum has original historic documents, rare incunabula and other object of historic, artistic and ethnographic value.